Furry leather


Today was my day off. It felt sooo good! Just waking up whenever, no alarm clock, making and eating my breakfast with no rush and just starting the day with calmness. It was a beautiful sunny day. Damn cold day though. Anyways, I really miss those carefree days. Wasn't being a kid like the best period of our lives? I remember when I was younger, I never wanted to take a day nap. Never. I cried and quarreled with my mom, and tried to do evrything to prevent that to happen. I'd kill for a day nap now days! But here's another problem, even if I get time to sleep during the day, I hardly ever do that. It feels like a waist of time. I rather do nothing when the time, than sleeping. Something to do with my conscience, I guess.

So guys, how do you like the whole leather/fur trend situation going on? I'm going craaay about it! Love, love, love it! Looks so good, plus, it's even more warmer and we all like that these days, don't we. And my grandma gave me this beautiful beige cashmere scarf. So soft I could sleep in. And there's never enough of beautiful scarfs. 

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furry vest Only
vest Intimissimi
bag Dorothy Perkins
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13 komentarji

  1. Ful si lepa na fotkah, super outfit!
    Jaz, ko sem bla majhna, sploh nisem pomislila, da bi šla čez dan spat, ker itak ne bi mogla, zdaj pa zaspim v desetih minutah. Kdaj nas je začelo življenje utrujat? Hehe.

  2. great outfit! loving the fur vest :)

  3. I love your outfit, beautiful vest!
    I miss those carefree days as well :( I'm always so exhausted these days that I need to take naps when I come home..but then I feel so guilty for wasting time afterwards

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  5. Such a great look!Love it!

  6. Lovely photos, you look amazing :) I love the whole leather/fur thing as well, it looks gorgeous :) x

  7. Woow full hud outit! Zadnje case sem totalno obsedena s temi kosmatimi zadevami :D

  8. Great style!

    xo Jennifer


  9. Nice outfit! really like your style!
    I follow u now! Follow back if u like :)

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  10. you look great! i love your blog!