Until we meet again


Here I am. Spending my very last hours on the ground of this big concrete jungle. Last night when I went to bed, something strange happened to me. I was dreaming. Again. Before New York, every night when I laid to my bed, I started to dream about things I want to do, to see, to accomplish. You know, my dreams. But here, not even once. That's because I was actually living my dreams, I realised. I didn't get much sleep yesterday.
I'm so sad to go back to my country. I do miss my family and my friends, SO MUCH, but I know in my heart that I don't belong there.
It was an amazing trip. And I'm not done with it, I still have so much to share with you guys. But now I have to get to the airport. I hope they have frozen yogurt there, because Pinkberry here at CU was closed today and I have to have one last one before I go. Yumm!
Here are some of my favourite pictures of New York in black/white, hope you enjoy them.


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6 komentarji

  1. ČUDOVITO! res srečnica,k so se ti uresničle tele sanje:) js bi tuuuud! prelepe slikce, i can feel the love!<3

  2. super slike! :)

  3. božanske vse po vrsti :) lucky lucky girl res, pomoje ti vsi po vrsti toooooook zavidamo :) NY, we'll meet...someday! :D<3

  4. supes slke res! Všeč m je črno bela kombinacija:)


  5. amazing photos...we all can't wait to go to NY! :)))

  6. Joj, meni je blo tooolk lepo... skoda samo da nisem imela vec casa... 5dni je bilo res malo.. ampak fantasticno! Vidim da smo obiskale iste "trip points"

    Super slike ;)

    Pozdravcek iz hladne Nemcije

    P.s.:There is Victoria's Secret Giveaway on my blog ;)