Just recently I found out that I have totally different prespective on the subject as majority has. You see, most people consider sex as something intimate. Something personal, something that they would rather not share to their friends, keep the dirty secrets to them selves. I'm not saying it isn't, but I think that even more intimate than sex, is the connection with that certain someone. Sex is something easily explainable, as specific as you want. But describing feelings at some paticular moment, talks, deep long looks, is something much more diffucult, if not even impossibile to explain. And if you can't put it in words, why even? If you can't describe it just as perfectly as it was, it's a shame than to explain it badly. I personaly know exactly how it was, remember every word, every look, everything. And in no way possible I can explain all that with words. So I rather keep it to myself. Me not talking about personal relation with someone, doesn't mean that it didn't happen, it just means that is something, well, mine. To share something, with someone, explainable just to us two, is beautiful, true and real intimacy. 
What do you think about that, what's  intimate for you?

Oh, and have you seen my new banner? How do you like it? I have to say I'm quite happy about. It needs some more work, but one step at the time. And a quick reminder, you can follow my daily steps&thoughts
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Have a great week darlings!


basic shirt and leggins H&M
blazer Forever 21
jacket Topshot
shoes Charlotte Russo

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10 komentarji

  1. jst mam isti jacket..Top shop :) sam je že lanski :)

  2. Lovely post , my dear ! I fell head over heels with your glittery shoes and that feather clutch !
    thanks a lot for passing by ! i am now following you ! xo

  3. Bi se kar enih 80% strinjala z napisanim (:

    Fotke so super! In zelo mi je všeč črno ozadje ;D

    Mir in ljubezen!

  4. reaaally nice picture! :)

  5. You are so beautiful, love your style! XX

  6. Super outfit in super fotke! :)

  7. Awesome pics! Nice leather jacket!

  8. You look like a model! (maybe you are?) An outfit just how I like to spend a great party night :)