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Happy New Years everybody!!!
Let the year of 2012 be full of beautiful love, unforgettable moments, crazy nights, everlasting friendships and great family moments. Did I mention love?Lot's and lot's of it!

This year, just as Christmas, also New Years was completely different. At first, during the whole day it didn't even feel like the new year is approaching. I did a quick shopping in Soho, found this amazing bag, that I have been looking all over NY for, went for meal and then straight to shower to prepare for the night. 
Here's a quick background story. A few days ago, I meet this lovely French mademoiselle at the metro. We started talking and from that point on we were hanging out together everyday. Such a nice girl. So, I joined her and her other French friends on nye in one of her friends apartment. Heels, camera, coat, let's go! Oh, the wine! Those French and their wine. Typically, I don't drink wine as much, but hanging out with them got me drink it way more often. Not that I complain, no. The place was so beautiful. 42St. Times Square. Great location and even better view! Gorgeous. And did you see the moon yesterday? Wow, breathtaking. When the midnight started to approach, you could just feel the vibe from the streets. The shouts, whistling, singing, so strong. I really wanted to just join all the people on the streets and to shout and whistle with them. We saw the fireworks straight from the apartment. I was so happy looking outside of the window, seeing all those jolly people, the fireworks and realizing that I'm in NEW YORK! The feeling was priceless.
I spent an interesting night yet again. But next time I'm definitely hitting the streets. You know the feeling, when you cheer for someone who's running the marathon? And all you wanna do is to drop everything in a second and run with them! As fast as you can. The adrenaline.

How was your night guys? Did anything special, anything new?
Today for me it was kinda chill day. The day after the night. Soho was once again on the menu. It's my favourite dish, pshh. But this time it was way, waay more peaceful. Like in the shops for instance, no lines, no rivalry, no nothing. So refreshing. Lot's of stores and restaurants were closed. Not that many tourists. Great.
So, that's that for now. I have to get my sleep now, because tomorrow I'm playing a tourist again! The Brooklyn way. 

And I wanted to share my top 5 songs to listen to while wondering around the streets of New York :
1. Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo
2. Bon Iver - Skinny Love
3. Nouvelle Vague - Ever Fallen In Love
4. Cher Lloyd - With Your Love
5. Dirty Money - Last Night Pt.2

No matter what your favourite music genre is, this songs are just the best forNY streets.
What are yours top five songs right now?

Have a great day my friends!

leggins & boots Zara
bag Aldo
coat H&M

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9 komentarji

  1. Happy new year!! I love Bon iver too!!

  2. hej hej I love new coat and bag..check for me the yellow bag in Zara pls...the price is what I like to know heheh.the pic.are super I like them...

  3. Thank for commenting on my blog!I'll follow you!maybe you follow me?

  4. Všeč mi je tvoj outfit :) Mene pa zanima kje si kupila to Aldo torbo ? Ker vem da Aldo ne pošilja v slo... Mi je pa ful všeč ;)

  5. thank you so much girl!!!
    can you help me with a widget from lookbook because i saw that you have one on your profile? i dont understand how to put the copy from the widget at my blog


  6. love ur blog chic outfit..

  7. You look like a movie star in that outfit! Above all in NYC :)