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Good evening my friends!
How's everyone doing? It's getting pretty cold here, right? Oh my gosh, I look like a bear every morning I leave my house. And I never look like a bear! So yes, it's pretty darn cold. So, for some time now I wanted to share 30 ( supposably ) interesting facts about me with you guys, but I never yet had an opportunity to do so. And now, in my week of NO inspiration whatsoever, I can finally do that. I wrote this a while ago, not much has changed, but when I first read this thing called challenge, I asked myself »What exactly is challenging here?«. Well, that is the WHOLE challenge! Writing 30 facts about yourself is not such an easy thing to do. I really, really had to think hard to come up with all of the facts. I mean, deep down we know who we are, what we love, but we never talk about it as so much. We subconsciously just do things that we like and love to do, to eat or whatever, and it becomes a habit, so eventually we, how can I say this, we -  don’t put so much attention to it over and over again, we just love and enjoy it. It’s like smoking. We all know the feeling, when you REALLY desire a cigarette, you take the box, grab the lighter, put the cigarette gently to your lips, lean your head a little bit, light it up, watch the fire burn the ciggarette and inhale it as strong and deep as you can. The first inhalation is the best. All the others we do just because we don’t wanna waste the cigarette, and the money ofcourse, no special attention to it, we don’t notice it as much as the first one. ( P.S. I’m not a regular smoker, but every now and then I love the feeling just described).
I hope you know what I mean, anyways you should try it, it’s an interesting game about ourselves and you never know, you just might find out something new about yourself!
Post your interesting facts bellow in comment box or you can send it to my email and I will pick out the most interesting ones and post in my next post.

So here are 30 interesting facts about moi....

So here are 30 interesting facts about moi:

1. I actually like mornings ( when I manage to get up)
2. I always put 5 spoons of shugar in my tea
3. I’m addicted to my blackberry
4. I hate yellow clothes
5. Till recently I hated moccasins
6. I don’t like chocolate cakes but I adore chocolate it self
7. I get annoyed if some one is whistling, sipping or eating loud
8. I’m afraid of dogs ( but I have one <3 )
9. I love USA
10. I always have to spend all money that I have wallet
11. I still bite my nails sometimes
12. I always ask for a straw when i get drink
13. I love spooning
14. I’m not a big fan of ice-cream
15. I belive in happy endings ( always )
16. When I eat, I always mix sweet & sour till I’m full
17. I hate watching sport on tv
18. I also don’t like sporting
19. I’m a family person
20. Shopaholic
21. I love to sing
22. When I’m home alone I like to play dress up
23. I’d like to live outside of Europe someday(New York to be exact, but I'm keeping my options oppened)
24. I’m quarter croatian
25. I speak fluent italian
26. I hate smell and taste of beer
27. I don’t like sun taning but I love sunny days
28. I still make wishes when I blow up candels on my birthday cake
29. I love the feeling when I make & spend my own earned money
30. I adore the smell of coffee, but I don’t drink it

bag H&M
shirt Zara
shoes NC

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10 komentarji

  1. Full lepe slikce in outfit! Škorenjčki <3

  2. wouu, kok pa hudi škornčki! top :) pa luškan post, I like tehle 30 :)

  3. i agree with #29. i think self autonomy is so important and rewarding! cool blog~ keep in touch <3


  4. super outfit! in tale 30facts mi je všeč was nice to get to know you a bit more ;)

  5. Nice facts to know you better!
    I like your outfit!
    Wanna follow each other? <3

  6. super post :P to vedno pomaga v self-retrospektivi ;) bom kr post nardila iz tega pa dala link od tvojih postov not ;)

  7. hHi!! thanks for your lovely comment!I'm sooo in love with your style! ;)
    I follow you now, follow each other?

    Kiss a lot!

  8. Thank you for your comment, nice boots!!! :)

  9. HEJ! Imaš res zlooo super blog!:D