Honey, I'm home


It's been 4 days now, since I got back from the US. I feel a bit depressed, let me tell you. Life here is so much different. A day after my return, I meet up with my girls up for lunch in the city. Lovely day. Sun was shining, everything was peaceful and calm, I could hear the birds singing, the sound of river underneath my feet,.. But hey, isn't there something missing? There was no noise, no smell of sweet nuts or hot-dogs, no- no people?! Where did everybody go?! I could literally count all the people that were at the city that day. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but comparing to NY there were none. No fast walking, no pushing, no getting in a way. No one in front, next or behind me. I will have to get used to it. Again. I would rather not thought. I'd rather go back. Go back to the crowded streets, back to gas stove (I promise I'd learn how to use it), back to fighting with the window that doesn't want to close, back to surprisingly short beds and countless restaurants, random people and countless of opportunities. I don't know how or when exactly, but I will definitely move there one day. Until then, I'll try to visit, the city and my new friends there, as often as possibile.Don't get me wrong friends, I love my city. It's beyond beautiful, cozy and personal. It's a great place to grow up in. Amazing, actually. It has blessed me with great familly, great friends that I will hold on to the rest of my life, best memories, it has taught me the true values ​of life and love, that maybe I wouldn't have learned in bigger cities. It's just too small to be stuck here forever, don't mind the expression, if you want something bigger.

Well, it's about time I stop whining to you, to my friends, my twitter! I think? Yes! I will enjoy everyday here like it's my last, and before I know it, I'll be where I've always wanted to be. Sounds like a plan. I'll do the formal plan later ;)
Today, I woke up quite early. The reason were my friends. Coffe by the river in the city on the sun, chatting and chatting about things that have happend while we were apart. And a cup of hot tea. Mmm, I haven't had that in a while now. Later on I meet up with another friend of mine, and we went to Ljubljana castle. Such a beautiful view up there. We also took some pictures, the ones you can see in this post. I've already shoot some pictures at the same place as you can see in this post. The venue is so nice I just had to come back. Especially to chill and enjoy the sunset.
So, what are you guys up to in this cold days? Is there anything fun going on in this city? New things to see, do?

blazer & boots Zara
bag Aldo
scarf Ralph Lauren
coat H&M

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11 komentarji

  1. super outfit..glede ny-ka pa se ne morem strinjat bolj s tabo.. mesto je resnično magično in mislim, da prav vsak ki pride domov od tam reče: moram nazaj! =)

  2. i love your outfit! specially your bag, it's amazing! where did you buy it? i follow yoy right now :) if you want to know my style take a look of my outfits thankss :D

  3. welcome home! and sure i know how it feels to be soooo far away from your dreams!x

  4. Bonito blog!! esta lleno de inspiracion ademas eres preciosa!!:D
    Un besito desde, iratzemoran.blogspot.com haber que te parece

  5. Super nice photos! Love your scarf xoxo


  6. Such a great post, I like it!!! The photos are simply great!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  7. nice post!! :)
    you can find me at http://englishbubble.blogspot.com/
    hope to see you there!! :)

  8. wow, beautiful place you are!!

  9. Hehhe, kot da bi brala svoj post po vrnitvi iz New Yorka :) Same feelings..

  10. i love your bag :-)
    Your blog is nice !
    Kisses, Marie

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