Frozen yogurt


If you are a vintage lover and vistiting New York, then Williamsburg is definitely the right place to go to. Stepping out of she subway, into a really homey, comfortable streets, full (and i mean full) of vintage shops. I've never been to a real vintage shop before, because in Slovenia vintage is still  hidden somewhere undercovers unknown for me, so this was really exciting. There are SO many things to choose from. And cheap! So cheap. Like a great diamond flannel shirt just 10$. Ha, so cool. I have to go back there and buy some stuff. 
After already 24 days spent here, I still haven't been to Starbucks not even once. Standing infront of it and trying to catch their free Wi-Fi yes, but going inside no. I'm not a coffee person, and those good cookies that they have, I can buy in every store, so why wait in line. It feels strange though, because everyone is all about Starbucks all the time. Me not so much. But there was one thing I was determined to try before I leave this city. Frozen yogurt. Have you ever had it? It's like one of the best thing's I've tried so far. Pinkberry. Another must do in NYC.

"Huston St., Christopher St., 14 St., closing my eyes, Penn Station, 59 St. Columbus Circle, stay clear of the closing doors, 66 St.,...omg is this ride ever going to end?". I asked myself repeatedly while we were slowly overcoming block by block. The night trains here take forever to get from point A to point B. And it surely doesn't help to live waaay on the other side of point A. I had a lovely dinner tonight though. A friend of mine prepared a home cooked meal. And for the first time, while being here, I ate a home cooked meal, and get this, in the same place that was actually prepared! Now I can honestly say I did everything there is to do in this city! I'll get more in details about the everything part in the last New York post, but for now, I'll just enjoy my last days in this crazy addictive city.
There is one thing, among others, that New York has taught me, and I'm especially proud of, is NOT TO JUDGE. Sadly most people in my country, including me, do that all the time, not even knowing a person. We are so used to it, that it has becomed something we do subconsciously. I mean not everybody, but most. And now being here, I can say that I overcomed it. It feels so good, to just be and to look at people without judging or people judging you. At first people here may seem ignorate, but in the other way, acceptable. Everybody is in their own bubble. Sure they look around and observe, but you never hear the wishpers or sideway glances. And trust me, if they don't like something or somebody, they will express it loud and clear. People are honest and direct. Sometimes in a scary way, but better that than whispers. Straight to the point. But I wouldn't wanna to be in that kind of position, let me tell you. So I don't crack bubbles. And that is just what we all should do. Accept. Now looking at people is just refreshing, interesting. Trying to get their story. I always wonder what goes through their minds, where are they going, what will they do. Wouldn't it be interesting to see a random persons day, after you saw them once in your life and made up and imaginative story about them. To see the real story.  To see where were you right, and where you were wrong.

It's 01:09am right now, and my eyes have been fighting with me ever since the Huston St., so now it's time to give in. Good night to my friends from the same time zone and GOOD MORNING to those who are just starting the day!

bag Aldo
jeans Bershka
coat H&M
scarf Coin
boots NC

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4 komentarji

  1. Joj, kak so mi všeč ti tvoji posti! Jaz si tudi pogosto želim, da bi videla, ča je dan tiste neznane osebe res tak, kot sem si ga jaz zamislila :D

  2. Nice photos and outfit!

  3. Oh New York,lucky you!I'd love to go to all those vintage and thrift shops! There are none where I live! you look so cute! thanks for your comment!

  4. I'm so jealous! i would love to be in New York right now! i guess you had a great time! you look so cute in this photo :)