Boldness be my friend


Bonjou mes amis, ça va? 

Since I cleared up what my priorities and goals in life are, days here seem more bearable. I found a good motivation and that's my survival plan. I also started reading The Secret – the greatest book! Never have I thought that just a book can bring so much power and positivity out of a person. And for me, it couldn't be better time to grab this book in my hands. I am an eternal optimist,  but every now and then I need a little boost up from someone other than myself, and this time, the book did the job.
Friday. My friend and I went for a glass of wine in the city. Would you believe me if I would tell you there were exactly six people in the bar that we were in? On Friday night. The whole city was empty. On Friday night! But we had a lovely time and after all the wine I slept like a baby for the whole night!
Saturday. Dinner with some Canadian people, my grandpa's friends. Great pasta, red wine, nice company and English. Lot's and lot's of it. It felt so good to talk in English again. I could do it all the time, I miss it a lot.
Anyways, I'm heading to bed now, I wish you all a great & successful week!

shirt Mango
leggins Calzedonia
blazer Zara
faux fur H&M

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7 komentarji

  1. Love your fur. You look so classy drinking red wine in fur lol. I need to get around to reading that book a friend of mine says the same thing as you. We all need an extra boost in morale from time to time.


  2. thats cool pictures!:)

  3. Hi!! I love your blog. Your best friend is pretty ;*

    You see my blog ;p


    Nadine ;*

  4. You look really sweet in that photo!

  5. love your photos!you're so beautiful!


  6. Eva, take a look at my blog.. I think you'll be happy ;)

  7. You look great & you have a really nice blog!