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Hello beauties!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas Eve and even better Christmas day! Mine was very good. At first I thought I'll be spending the holidays alone, but it was nothing like that. A friend of mine kindly invited me to a house Christmas party, that was hosted by this lovely french girl, who's been living in the States for a while now. I didn't really know anybody, but I soon realized that I wasn't the only one in that position. It was a very interesting Christmas. For me it was the first time in my life that I haven't spend Christmas with my family back at home. It was nice to see that people who are away from their home and families, still ghater around, to have a good time and spend Christmas Eve as it's supposed to be spend. Everyone had to bring two presents. A funny small one and a big "real" one. The game was called A Secret Santa, so nobody knew whom the presents were from. Then each of us got to choose one present, based on the number that we got. I at first got this funny looking hat, but then in the second round everyone got a chance to exchange their own present with someone else's, so later I got this thing that I still don't know what it was and even later on it all got confused, so I ended up with my own present and a R&B Christmas CD. Overall, I  meet some very nice people, ate delicious food and had a great time. It was a Christmas well spent.

One of my favourite places to go around here, has definitely becomed Soho. I take the 1 train to CC, then I change to C train and I get out somewhere in Soho, where there are only a couple of lost tourists are wondering around. Those first blocks before the "center" of Soho are so good to walk on. Small worm shops, cute restaurants, the street basketball court with bunch of kids fooling around, pretty much not a tourist spot. But soon all the street drama starts. No way you can stop even for a second to do anything. You dropped something? Forget about it! It's like a rough sea. Easy getting into it, hard to get out. But that's just the main street mostly. But as I said, side streets have the real charm.
And I still can't get over the kindness of people. Today, the most cute guy that I've seen so far told me that I have the most amazing eyes. How's that for a good day?
So, I as promised, I visited the Lady Liberty. Me and my new friends didn't want to wait an hour to get on the ferry that goes straight to Lady, so we just took the free ferry that drove past the Statue of Liberty and towards Staten Island. It was stunning.
Now I have to make myself something to eat before going out, oh and by the way, did you know that in most apartments here, people still use the gas stove?? This is going to be interesting...

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  1. amazing photos! :)


  2. you are gorgeous like that

  3. I checked your blog and I like it!!!
    Visit my blog, and if it like it, we can follow each other!

    have a wonderful day!

  4. upam, da nisi zažgala fleta haha:-)lepe fotke...zanimive...nova oblekca?!Dobr si napisala, še slike iz ogledov pls:-))

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  6. love it !fantastic blog :)
    Klaudia B.

  7. brez besed...čudovite fotke in prečudovita ti ;)

  8. Those pictures are so beautiful! Love your dress! xx

  9. Res lepa obleka. :) Lepo se imej še naprej! ;)

  10. Nice pictures, u are beautifull