New York - Times Square


I am in love.
Unpredictable, beautiful, big and powerful are just a few words that describes my new love. I'm having such a good time here! That good that I still haven't done most of the sightseeing. Shame on me! But I'll start on friday. Promise.
These last couple of days I've been hanging out with one of my best friends, who camed out to visit me here in New York. And we had the best host in town, just so you know. Ok so, the parties here are sick! There is NO comparison to what we have back at home. From the underground hidden places to high roof top party clubs. It makes you wanna party every night. From Monday till Sunday. Crazy, this New York.
As you know, I first stayed at Brooklyn, then moved to LES and today, and as I'm writing this post, I am accommodated in my apartment right next to Columbia University. This place is yet again very different from the previous two. Each part of New York City has it's own touch.
The part of Brooklyn where I was staying was nice, with a hint of danger at nights, very calm during the day, pretty much just tourists walking around, hidden restaurants and not that many of them, lots of graffiti, practicaly no traffic. Lower East Side on the other hand was much more "something's going on" area. Lot's and lot's of all kinds of small and good restaurants, more locals, people rushing, shops, good clubs nearby and definitely more safer than Brooklyn. And here, yet another story. Peaceful, very peaceful, I'm not quite sure yet how else would I describe it. I prefered LES but it's nice here too. Overall, I'm just 20 min away from everything. The best part of being here in this apartment right now is that I actually have a CLOSET!Yes, finally. I was so tired of my messy suitcase.
So, as I said, tomorrow I'll start with sightseeing. Statue of Liberty, here I come!

bag Mango
boots Zara
blazer Forever21
shirt Forever21
leggins H&M

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