New York - Hear the sound of the police


It took me about 5 years, two flights, 10 hours and 4 movies untill I finally touched the ground of New York. The emotions were, and still are undescribable. I am trully impressed by the kindness and way of life of all the people here. And everything is as I expected it to be. Even better. It's so funny and amazing to actually walk on the streets where so many movies and series were shoot at. I've always seen it just in movies and magazines, so now, being here kinda feels like walking in my own dreams. And they're a freakin amazing dreams, let me tell you that.
Right now I'm staying in Brooklyn in one of the hostels and here's the thing I love it. I've been to a hostel just once before, not a good experience, in my life and now I  really get  to see the whole point of it. I had the chance to meet some pretty wondrous people. The atmosphere here is great. Hearing the laughter through the thin walls, people's shyness while first meeting, minutes later new frendships, even though maybe a long distance ones, being build and just the vibe of something fresh gives such a good energy.
New York is breath taking. It suprises you on every step. Literally. Like today for instance, I saw a middle age woman breast-feeding her child on the metro in the rush hour! That's crazyy.  Interesting though, in a way. In a very strange, unknown way. Oh, I lied, not everything is as I expected it to be. There is one way the movies have fooled me. You know when, in a movies someone steps out of the train, busy as he is, but he still manages to be out on the streets in the blink of an eye? Well it's not that easy, let me tell you. That's because most of the time the movies obviously like to skip the fact that there are so many stairs between the train and the actual exit. I almost died the first time I saw all those stairs in front of me. And you know, I don't actually even have a choice, I need to walk up them. But I admit, it's getting easier by the day. NYC is trully amazing, I love every second of it here. So many different people, and the atmosphere here changes by the street. Most of the streets are like really crowded, full of people rushing everywhere, hot dogs, taxis, all kinds of obstacles, noise, trash, you name it, but when you go to the 5th Av everything just gets a whole new prespective.Everything and everyone is much more flowing, peaceful and I felt really safe there.
The shops here are insanely cheap and great! Not all of them, but I try to keep out of those that I know will make me poor. I seriously have no idea how I'm going to survive here. Remember what Carrie B. said when she first moved to NY: "When I first moved to New York, I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more." Now change the Vouge part with clothes and, voila, you get me.
The thing here that wow's me the most, is actually the openness and kindness of the people. But the news is, that that's because I'm appearing to be a cute young tourist, as one of the wondrous people that I got a chance to meet, said to me. It kinda makes sense. I really am cute.

Two days ago, at about 4 o'clock in the morning, while waiting for my train, I sat down by these two amazingly talented guys and just listened to their songs that resound through the whole underground. You know when someone is singing and doing something from the heart,and they did, it makes it even more enjoyable to listen. New York, I must say, is getting better and better.

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  1. všeč napisano...zelo...samo ne pozabi kako lepo je doma:-)

  2. ja new york je res suuuper! :) zakaj pa si to tam? a si sama, al je to kej z šolo?:)

  3. A perfect place for vacation with family and friends especially this coming holiday season, Christmas!

    Pousadas Em Paraty

  4. Aaa, zakon! Pravi užitek mi je blo ta post prebrat!
    Pa huda fotka s škifi! :D

  5. Your photos are amazing, I love New York <3

  6. WAW! Supr fotke pa reportaža :) Enjoy the Big Apple ;)

  7. the pictures are amazing! NY is in my heart :)
    i amyour new follower.

    if you like our blog, please follow us :)

  8. amazing...I would love to go there to :)