Mulled wine and a 3D FS


Thursday morning. I was awake in a beautiful sunny morning. Sunny days have such an amazing affect on the whole rest of my day. So, with my favourite tea by my side, with belly full of divine breakfast I sat down by my computer and began to write this blog. 

Yesterday, I attended the fashion show in a slightly different and special way. The designer Jessica Jagec decided to present the new collection with the 3D hologram. The show was quite interesting, although I prefer live models and clothes. It's such a huge difference. The pictures are not that good because I was at the back, but I think you get the picture how the fashion show looked like.
After the show me and my friend went for a walk around the city and ofcourse on the tradicional winter mulled wine. Winter without mulled wine would not be the right winter!Right? :)

 Vero Moda dress (also worn here )
Coin scarf

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5 komentarji

  1. Hey! you look adorable! i hope you had a great time at the fashion show! 3D hologram looks interesting, although i also believe that the traditional fashion shows are those who make your heart beat faster ;)

  2. Opa, komentirala iz starega bloga hehe.
    Še enkrat.. Škoda da sem zamudila modno revijo, ker sem danes imela seminarsko na temo hologramov :)

  3. hmm zanimiva modna revija! Lepi sta in kako lepo okrasena je Ljubljana :)

  4. you look great :) i love the mulled wine too :) it's quite interesting concept for a fashion show but i agree with you - i would prefer it live :)