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Today I woke up in a cloudy and windy morning. Never at that point, would I expect that things could get worst. But let's take it step by step.
First thing in the morning I meet up with my Belgian friend at Tom's restaurant near CU, where Seinfeld was also shoot, for a quick breakfast and to do a plan of what we should do later on. Considering the weather, we then quickly decided to have a museum day. After a quite long ride and walk fom the subway we finally reached the Met. You should see the line! Poor people were standing there and waiting to get in for at least an hour. But thanks to my Belgian friend, we imperceptibly skipped the line, and just in few minutes we were already somewhere in the middle of the Egiptian time, admiring their interesting culture, beautiful jewelry and the most amazing sculptures. The museum was HUGE and it felt like they brought a piece of Egypt to this museum. We basically checked out the whole museum. We went from Egypt, to Greece, Europe ofcourse and many, many more. If there weren't for so many people visiting, I would probably enjoy the museum even more. 
After a couple of hours we left the Met. Surprising the rain started. No, not started, it was pouring! And ofcourse we didn't have an umbrella.Luckily there were a bunch of umbrella sellers not very far from us. But as we reached them, we were already soaked to the bone, so we didn't waist any more time buying them. I comforted myself with the hot-dog. A couple blocks away, so did my friend.
Guggenheim. Skipped the line once again, this time we did it the right way. I remembered that I have a membership card for all museums, that a friend of mine back home gave it to me.
"Wow, this is crazy!" Was my first thought, stepping into Guggenheim. Stuffed horses, little boy hanging, Hitler on his knees,! His work is really bold, provocative, yet so interesting! The exhibition was disturbingly interesting. What was he thinking, is still my main question. If your in NY, it's a must see!
After two museums down, we headed back home. Rain still didn't slow down. So there I was, wet till my neck, my Uggs will probably not dry till I get back home, and don't let me even mention the hair! 
Next time when the day starts with clouds, I'm taking my umbrella with me! Or I should just check the weather out more?! Anyways, we have to embrace it all. The good and the bad, the sun and the rain. It's all beautiful in a way, right?

Now I'll anwser questions from one of my readers, that I haven't had the time to do it before.

1. What are you doing in NYC and what was the purpose of  going there in the first place?
Going to New York was one of my longest, bigest wishes. I've fallen in love with the city over watching it on TV, movies, series and reading about it in books. It was something I wanted to go and experience it myself. To see if it's like they say it is. And most of the times they were right. My purpose was to see how people really live here, what's good and what's bad, how's the food, jobs, fashion..everything! One day I would love to live here, so the best way to see if it would work for me, was just comming here and experience it all. By myself.
So that's what I'm also doing here. Enjoying as much as I can, meeting new people, discovering NY piece by piece, living the crazy New York life. Crazy in a good way :)
2. How long are you staying there?
Sadly, I'm staying here just for 12 days more :( But I'm definitely comming back in 012!
Oh, and don't take the picture with me doing the heart bellow the horse wrong, the heart was for my friend and the horse is captured with me, because she loves Cattelan.
And the shoes on the first picture? Yes it's gold. And yes, they actually walked in them. And we say that wearing heels hurts..

 cardigan&leggins Zara
shirt Ralph Lauren
shoes Ugg

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  1. kok kul :)) jst si tut šparam fashion museum for rainy days :D

  2. Cool post! You are Beautiful!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    Linda from

  3. you look so cute !
    & love your header !

  4. I'm jelous about your trip to NY! And how is life there? Is it more expensive than in Slovenia?
    I like this pictures and your boots. :)

  5. Hi Eva! This is a cool post. I've never been to the Guggenheim before, that's so awesome you got to go! :D
    By the way, it's me Kathleen, that girl with the short blonde hair that you met at the hostel (you gave me a yogurt fruit cup once; thank you for that by the way, lol :)

  6. Great look..dear! I like your blog! Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you !!!

    Fashion Crazy Ball on Bloglovin and My Facebook Page

  7. cute ! very cute ! :)