After a very very long time me, my brother and my mom went for a sunday trip to a beautiful lake about an hour away from our home. The nature there is really amazing and the lake was yet frozen on the surface. We had a lovely time and my brother and me took some amazing pictures. My mom, once again, has turned out to be an excellent photographer. It's like her secret talent or something. Which should remind us all, that there is no time in the world nor the age that could appear as an obsticle in finding and developing the hidden talents.
As my mom is usually always complaining about my outfit, so this time I let her do the magic and be the stylist of the day. She did a pretty good job with the outfit too, don't you think?
 Today I'm gonna leave you with one of my favourite motivation quotes:

"Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.GO GET YOUR DREAMS! "

coat Massimo Dutti
bag Betty Barclay
vest Only
shoes UGG
jeans Fornarina

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5 komentarji

  1. Ful dobr outfit, pohval mamico !
    Pa koncc huda figa, kako ti to rata narest ? :O

  2. Nice pics Eva :-) like it :-)
    Congrats to mum also :-)

  3. Thanks girls :) @Capka najprej si nrdim čop, pol spletem kitko potem pa sam tko ovijem kot figico in voila ;)

  4. coool pics! love your fur jilet!!
    thanks for your comment!
    if you want we can follow!1
    kiss from napoli