Let me tell you a secret..


What's a better thing to do during this nasty weather outside, as to bake something delish and make a bunch of other stuff in between?Not much else, I think.I'm pass the whole "laying in bad all day" so instead I try to keep myself occupied.For instance today , as the pastry was baking, I washed my hair, read a book and took my dog out for a walk.Not a very bright idea, because the rain was pretty much out of control and I was totally wet afterwards.
And now,after a long cold day, I will too wrap myself with warm blankets and watch a movie or two.Tomorrow I really need to start studying, so I need to rest a little bit before.What are you're plans for this rainy weekend dolls?
Oh and have I told you about the appartment I found for my stay in NYC?It is absolutely gorgeous and the location is pretty amazing as well.I cannot believe that is just another 66 days left till my big travel.I am so excited!!There is one thing crossing my mind this days and that is that I would really like to organise a "Slovenian blogger meets the NYC bloggers" lunch.All I have to do is to reach out for the bloggers and hope for a good response.It's not such a bad idea right?It would be really nice to meet some interesting people sharing the same passion as I do.
I'm off to bed now.

Have a nice friday night beauties!

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  1. I like your sense of style. I hope you can check out my blog.