From suburbia to the city


The city.Embraced by millions of lights, the sound of the saxophone playing, echoes through the whole city.You can still feel that summer-ish vibe.Just by adding a long worm cardigan and a scarf that makes sure you don't get sick.I could just sit on the bench and observe the happening around me. I'm in love with the whole city vibe.And the people.I was always (and still am) curious what's happening in the minds of other people.I always then try to think of the things they »are thinking« about, or make up stories by the look on their faces but then I never actually get the anwser.Strange, huh? :P
Well today, after my job and a long, loong hot relaxing bath me and Tinkara O. meet up for a cup of tea (again!Seriously, I don't know what's with me and tea's this year) and we opened the chestnut season!Yum!How awsome is that.So yummy.

 cardigan Zara
bag Mango
shirt H&M
scarf Ralph Lauren
ring vintage

Pictures by: Tinkara O.

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  1. Love your outfit! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to visit my fashion blog anytime!