The best of both worlds


I have been searching for the "Read more" button for some time now and yesterday I finally found it!Besides putting on the pictures and writing sth I still have no idea how to use Blogger.Shame on me!But I'll take it step by step.I even managed to change Read more to More, more, more.How very innovative, right?Ok, joke a side.I had a very lovely morning today with my bestie at the city.Besides all the work and a bunch of other stuff I rarely have the time to spend with my friends so it's really nice when I do.

Why can't we just have the best of both worlds?

I feel the urge to tell you that last week, when I was waiting for my classes to start, I had a chance to experience a whole different world.Just by listening to people talk near me, I knew I left my world somewhere behind.Not necessarily a bad world.But a completely different one.More relaxed, in ways of dressing and talking and god knows in what.So strange how, from city to city people are different.The most strange thing about this is, that it's not so far away from my city.Yet so different.The word different has been used one too many times,I know.But this is the only one that it describes it the best.I might be born in this small city, but my heart belongs to my home city.I can not imagine myself living anywhere else but in Ljubljana.And now I better stop, before I say too much.
Ahh so different, there are no words to describe how I felt.Like I don't belong.Well I don't and I don't even want to, but you know what I mean, right?Well anyways, nothing against anyone, just not my kind of style.Can I say style?Or maybe should I say not my kind of people,world?Hmm...

Ok,so that is what's been lying on my mind lately or at least just one of the things I wanted to share.Now I'm off to bed.And yet to another magical world of mine.

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dress Sportmax
scarf Coin
bag Mango

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5 komentarji

  1. oh cute jacket and scarf! you are adorable :)
    now following your blog !


  2. great photos, and your look is perfect!
    and the scarf <3<3<3

  3. you look so nice!

  4. lovee your blog! :)