As long as there's love, I'll try


Well hello dolls.
Let me just start off by saying that my obsession with Sex and the city is getting bigger and bigger by the minute.Although I have finished all seasons and the movies a while (whiiile) ago, I still wach it all the time.It's literally my daily rutine.A good dose of SATC really makes me feel whole lot better.There are situations in the series that I can totally relate to.And it helps me.Strange, isn't it?Well if it helps,I think, it sure doesn't hurt, does it?Well you see the thing is, and even though, yes I know that the series are kinda "made all up" but still, me and Carrie are a lot alike.Let's eliminate all the movie stuff, but the love life?It couldn't be more alike (without all the "sexing around the city" ofcourse).So it's really interesting, how you can see one situation in a tottaly different prespective than you sometimes would see yourself.It maybe makes you see somethings that we were too blind to see at that time.SATC is to me like nicotine and caffeine are for some others.
Besides my  clear obsession, tomorrow is the very first day of college.Ok, in my case, the second first day.But this year I am determinated to actually do something, go to classes and finish first year!I simply must do that.How?Not so sure yet, but I'll give my best at it.The sooner I finish, sooner I can start doing things I love the most.And to travel.So yes!Tomorrow I'll start.
And about today, yes!Ohh I spent a very, very lovely sunday around my family.And later in the afternoon me and Maja went to the city.We had a nice walk around the city castle and then we meet up with one of our dearest friends for a cup of tea and delicious cake in the heart of the city.It was so beautiful.And yet when you walk through the city, you can smell the fresh roasted chestnut.Amazing.It's actually funny too, because the weather or can I say the heat is not really matching with some of the symbols of the Fall.Anyways, it was a great day.I'm now going to wach, you know what, and I am leaving you with this quote:
"What is now proved was only once imagined."

poncho&leggins H&M
bracelet Asos
necklace gift
shoes Zara
bag Dorothy Perkins

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5 komentarji

  1. Dobrodošla med študenti. ;) lep pončo!

  2. luškanaa :) a si bla sprejeta pol na VŠD? :)

  3. joj bejbika si lepaaaaaaaaaaa... love the look :)) komi čakam jesen pa zimo in najine fotografske dogodivščine :D

  4. Zelo zelo zelo lepe slikce! Tigraste balerinke <3

  5. I love your outfit and photos on the sunset!