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Over and over again the same story.Everyday.There are some things in life that are apparently never going to change.So, if we know for a fact, that one thing is for sure not going to change, why do we still push ourselves to do the right opposite?Where is this hope still comming from?Did the real facts these days became worthless?Ah, tooo many questions in my head.I really need to stop think about it so much and start realize that the facts are facts, no matter what.It just makes me sad how people change and become so heartless and cold.I need to shake off the old feelings and start a new chapter in my life.Again.This thime for real!

"Don't worry about people from your past there is a reason they didn't make it to your future"

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2 komentarji

  1. Tale post je tako na mestu, da je že kar neverjetno. Tako da..i feel ya! In točno tako kot si napisala... Je že dober razlog zakaj takih ljudi ne bo v naši prihodnosti!

    Lp in glavo pokonci! M.