Sushi and the park


Hello dolls.Today I had my first ever sushi experience!I must admit that I was expecting something completely different, something tasteless, cold but in contrary!I actually like it.I, Eva Kosec like sushi!
Ok, because it was my first time, I didn't want to exaggerate (and because I had one lunch meal before that but pshhh..) so I tried only a few.But that's what makes it more exciting for the next time.Everytime something new.This whole sushi thing made me think and made me want to try even more things with the food and drinks that I havent tried yet.Besides that nothing much is new.My driving lessons are getting better and better and I cannot wait for my licence.Me, my car, loud music, me singing and dancing...ohh those will be the memories.

With all this free time this week I've been good with workout as well as with the baking.And I also started to read another book from the very talented Sophie Kinsella -Can you keep a secret.Her books are the first books ever wich made me laugh.Now here's a first one too.Such a fun story.Maybe a little bit "Briget Jones" like.It's definitely worth reading.

So back to today.It was a very "Fall-y" day.The sky was covered with clouds, fresh breeze was blowing, so it was time to mix some summer, slash, fall pieces of clothes.I LOVE fur.I'm so sorry but I do.I myself own a fake one and it keeps me warm to.I only have vest so far and this year I will purchase a furry jacket!So glamorous.

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This pictures were taken in our little, but still beautiful, central park Tivoli...

And me trying sushi..
Dress Vero Moda
Shoes Bershka
Bag Mango
Furry vest Only

Photos by: Tinkara O.

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7 komentarji

  1. Kakšni lepi kodrčki. :)

  2. Pa kak si lepa!
    Veliko sreče na izpitu ti želim.

  3. Luškan oufit :D
    In good luck z vozniškim :))
    Xoxo, Peppi

  4. Lovely girl , great blog, very cute and chic ! Great styles of outfits.

  5. lovely dress!

  6. samo tebi pa use paše kar daš nase :)