Sunday morning


This sunday started out pretty good.After very long time me and my mom did some mother daughter bonding in the city.We got up before the sun was able to beat the clouds away, but as we reached the city, the sun reached us.The whole city was just waking up.We first went to Zvezda for a morning cup of coffe and the best toast in town to regain our powers.After a nice breakfast we went for a walk around the city and through the Sunday flea market.I had no idea how many gorgeous pieces are there to find.Well we had a great time and we definitely have to do that more often.
Later in the day I meet up with Tinkara O. and we again made great pictures, wich you will see tomorrow.


blazer Zara
shirt Massimo Dutti
shoes UGG
jeans Diesel
scarf Coin
sunnies & bag Mango

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  1. Neki najlepšega, zjutraj z mamico na kavici ;)