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It's near Fall but the heat here is still unbearable.The mornings are quite ok, but the afternoon?Not ok.Today I couldn't wait to come home and refresh myself in the pool.Suprisingly, the rain came shortly after that.
Not getting ahead, this day started out pretty good.I had a two-hour driving lesson early this morning and we were going to this beautiful Slovenian lake called Bled.The driving was going good aswell.I can't wait for my licence, seriously it's so much fun.Later on I meet up with my friend Tinkara and we again went to the best place for breakfasts in the city, Le Petit.Full of Frankfurter omelettes, delicious pancakes with vanilla cream and cherries,orange juice and and full dose chat we decided to find me a new job.We first turned into Agent Provocateur and with no open job we still took some time to look around the store.Next step was Tinkara trying on a few pieces.Next one?Me in the wardrobe.We tried on some really, and I mean REALLY gorgeouse pieces.The result was no other than us two walking out proudly, each with its own bag.
Then we walked around the city a little more, we even found me a possibly new job.How awsome is that!But I can't get excited too much, I always am and then I end up being hurt.So I'll wait for my interview first.Talk then.Much better plan.
I have to tell you about the ring on one of the pictures.It was a birthday gift fom one of my good friends.Isn't it just breath taking?I love it soooo much.Well this is a unique ring made just for me, made by very talented Slovenian jewelry producer Katja Koselj.

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Dress Asos
Shoes Zara
Bag Olsen

Photos by: Tinkara O.

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2 komentarji

  1. Kje si pa torbico kupila :)
    Tvoje poste pa najraj prebiram :)**

  2. Je pa ex torbica od moje tetke tko da ti žou ne znam povedat kje jo je točno kupila hehe :)Pa hvala, me veseli :))