Hello dolls :)

How's everyone doing? I'm pretty fine I think. Up's and down's on daily basis. Thank god for all the »up's« in my life that are holding me up. And of course for my lovely friends and family around me. With all this free time it got me to thinking even more about love.

When do we know who is right for us?

After what I've been through, I'm not so sure anymore. Seriously! Do we ever find a man who is »perfect« for us? And if we do, who guarantees that he's gonna be here forever?
I belive we all have soul mates. In any way. Not necessarily our boyfriend, it could be your best girlfriend, mother, brother, your waiter at the Starbucks where you drink everyday …? We need to find them, maybe they are not so close as we usually think or hope.
As I said once before, I'm completely in love with romantic movies. They are so beautiful and while I’m watching it I am fully confident that I, myself will experience love, or should I say a love story like that to tell. It’s just amazing in what kind of mind does that story even begin? Is it a true story? Because in the world I’m living in there are no such stories as we see in the movies. Not anymore at least. Sadly. So is it just the strong imagination in the author’s mind? If so, isn’t that misleading people into something that doesn’t really exist?
Even though, I must confess that I am inspired by films like that. In the time of watching the movie, I am taken to a place where love is still real and true, as it was sometimes, and it gives me hope to find a love like that someday. It would be so nice if I had a romantic story to tell. A different one. A story worth telling. But more than worth telling it would be nice to experience story like that.

What would your perfect romantic story look like?

I’d go back to the time where there were no phones,no internet..just a pure approach through love letters or friends. I think that a man, who took his time to write a letter to a girl, really knew what he wanted and made sure he's gonna get it.

Times were so much easier back then. At least in love I think.

P.S. This pictures were taken on this beautiful field near my home where me and my mom usually run and workout. And it was actually my mom's idea to shoot here. She was the photographer of the day and she did an amazing job! Check it out..

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5 komentarji

  1. Very original dress. Cool photos!


  2. Ej, povej mami, da so fenomenalne fotke! Noro dobre.

    Glede romantične ljubezni... Hmm... V nekem daljšem razmerju pač ne more bit vse sama romantika, je pa je lahko dosti, če si tak naredimo, npr. že če se sama počutiš romantično oz. vidiš stvari kot romantične. Ker lahko se voziš s fantom v avtu naokrog in si čisto jezna, ker te je ne vem kaj razpizdilo, in ni prav nič romantično, lahko pa se voziš z njim okrog, pa gledaš na svet z odprtimi, radovednimi, ljubeznivimi očmi, in si hvaležna, da je v tem trnutku on s tabo in je vse romantično (: No, pač en lasten primer sem dala, heh.

    Aja, oblekca je ful lepa. Pa še enkrat moram fotke pohvalit. Ahmazing!

  3. blazno lepa obleka&fotke:)

    Tudi sama se večkrat sprašujem, če taka fatalna ljubezen sploh še obstaja in če je vredno čakati nanjo. Ampak sanjačev se pač ne da kupiti z vsemi današnjimi fast loves, premalo posebno je. Najbrž smo prebrali preveč knjig in pregledali preveč filmov, zato hočemo svojo pravljico:)

  4. Wow res lepe fotke, lokacija, oblekca!! Slikce kjer ležiš so mi še posebej všeč!