Pretty woman, walking down the street


A few days ago, I meet up with my friend Tinkara O. for breakfast at this amazing restaurant Le Petit in the city.It was such a beautiful day and this place is really worth visiting.Several times in my case ;) After the breakfast we decided to shoot some pics, which turned out gorgeous, don't you think?Otherwise the rest of my day wasn't so fun because I had to work, but hey, someone's got to pay for all the clothes.Hehe.Now I have two days of pure relaxation, sun taning, swimming and (hopefully) working out.I need to get my power's back for the next week, because it's gonna be a week of preperations for my birthday bash.Woohoo..can't wait for it!

Shirt & tights Zara
Shoes Topshop
Sunglasses Mango

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6 komentarji

  1. Hudi ceveljci in njamsi zajtrk :)

  2. Čevljii <3 In zelo luštne fotke!
    Xoxo, Peppi

  3. Čevlji,čevlji..hudi!! :)

  4. nice post, beautiful picture and a beautiful woman.
    great job with your blog. it looks really fun

    check out my blog and maybe you'll find something you like