One chance is all you need


A few days ago I came across this competition on Bloggers wardrobe  in wich I got the opportunity to compete for the last few spots.To be a part of this would be such a BIG deal to me.It's almost as if my dreams come true.
So, one of the next steps towards possibly becoming a part of all this and joining all the great bloggers (that you can also check out on this page ) is to write a little something of why I should be a part of this and here it is:

I should be a part of this because it envolves around something I love,I'm passionate about, I am good at it  and I  love to share it with the rest of fashion lovers.And with this chance I could express myself and my style even more&better.

To help me win this amazing opportunity click here. I'd be so grateful.Thanks :)

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2 komentarji

  1. Super outfiti, super blog,.. definitivno following from no on! ;)