I'm legal baby


Yaaaaay, I'm 21 people!!New York parties, prepare for me :)) My birthday party was great!Most of my friends followed the dresscode rules so I was pretty happy about that.And the weather was perfect too, ok maby lil' bit TOO hot but still, the sun was shining.Trully a good day spent with the people I love the most.And I'm so gratefull for the best mom in the whole wide world.I couldn't do this without her.Probably I'd have to cancel my party if it wasn't for her :)
So above all, I'd like to thank all for comming & thanks for the gift <3

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5 komentarji

  1. Ful fajn fotke <3

    Vse najboljše :)

  2. iiii kok lepe fotke, ful ste bli lušni <3
    Pa vse najboljše*** :)

  3. Haha, zanimivo ene par jih pa poznam :) Vse najboljše levinja :)

  4. Vse najboljšeee :) zgleda ste se se mel super!


  5. nora torta! dober dresscode :D happy birthday!