No person has the right to rain on your dreams


We all love sunny days. But what about rainy days? Rainy days, at least in my case, make me think. It makes me kinda lonely at the certain "rainy" moment, I'm trapped in a world of my own, milions of thoughts running through my mind. I could just sit by the window, look at the raindrops falling down and think. Just think. Do you do the same?
It's funny, when it rains everything slow's down. Being lazy, doing nothing, dressed in the most comfortable sweater.My choice for today was my lovely (and favourite) sweater I♥NY that I got last year in Udine. It's so soft and beautiful. Next to that I wore Zara jeans and All Stars, wich was obviously not a good choice considering that it was raining and I got all wet later. But anyways, rainy days are useful to clear our minds and just stop for a minute and really think about all the good and bad things that are around us.

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