Summer is delicious


So the summer has officially began!!!So me and my friends decided to spend a day by the sea, just to relax lil' bit from all this crazy drama and people fom the city.It was such a great day!For the first time this year we all jumped in the water at the same time, the water was just amazing!We were sun tanning and we all got pretty "burned".But the red is supposed o change to brown later, right? :)
Well above all we, once again, had an amazing day, drama free, all besties together...perfect opening for the season.We ofcourse had to celebrate it on the other level too tho, so we got home, got dressed and went outttttt!!!!Partyyyyy time with all other sexy chickas we just can't live without!!

P.S. Today I was first wearing this super cool deep blue pants with elegant fold in the front I got in Calzedonia,with my navy Armani flip-flops,Mango camel bag and my mom's white top (..that I have no idea where she got it, but it's gorge).Then I jumped into my  new awsome, also, Calzedonia swimsuit and after that I wore white flax Zara shirt with H&M twisted brown belt and a big beach Colistar bag.

Till the next party post.....


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8 komentarji

  1. Evica una slikca z klobučkom pa tatujem = <3

  2. morjee <3 tud jz sm si ga privoščla danes in je res zelo pasalo :)
    In se strinjam z Anamarijo, slikca s klobučkom in tatujem je top! :D
    Xoxo, Peppi

  3. hvala za lep komentar moja naj slovenska blogerka:)

  4. Wow, ful dobre fotke. Res izgledajo kot iz revije! Super! :)

  5. Tnx dolls :)

    P.S:Una s klobučkom je tud men najbol ušeč :))

  6. Jooj a lahko vprašam kej si kupila klobuček? Ful si luštna!

  7. Kupila sm ga v enmu butiku za klobučke v Hali A, sam se ne spomnm kako se mu reče.Sej je ednini :)

    Hvala :)