Saturday edition


The alarm clock woke me up at exacty 7:30 in the morning.I was tottaly (ok,not tottaly) ready to go to the annual DM women's run in Tivoli.Even though we knew we need to sign up ways before the actual run, we ofcourse waited to the last moment and and as you probably have guessed, we were too late.Shame on us! :(
But we still decided to go cheer for my mom and my godmother Lili.We missed them too.Too many people, I comfort myself.
Anyways, with Maja's professional camera, and the sun struggling through the clouds we couldn't afford to miss out on such a beautiful day.So we first went to renewed Čolnarna, where I really didn't like the green cushions on the chairs by the way, but the natural juice was just breath taking and the service was nice too.Next stop was the city.And from here let the pictures speak for them selves... ;)

P.S.I don't drink beer!It was for my mom&Lili :)

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