Fashion show we didn't attend


So, today me and my friend were supposed to attend fashion show Svetloba at Kino Šiška wich we were super duper excited about, but there were so many (too many) people attending, and we were not among those lucky ones who managed to get in.Sadly.I heard the fashion show was pretty good.We could catch a second show but we got stuck at dinner chit chatting about our dreams and future.We had such a lovely evening.
Selma was wearing this gorge champagne Topshop dress with this amazing addition on the back, which moves with the wind and it looked beautifully!And she had this brown/vintage looking H&M bag wich went perfectly to the whole outfit!I was wearing Zara blazer&short beige pants and a Dorothy Perkins bag and ballerinas I got at one store in Udine.

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