Suits, suits, suits...


I just love to see well-dressed man Especially men who have their own style.When you see that even men have sense in fashion.And sense of his own style.
I love going to italy and just sit on the corner of some italian bar next to main market and watch people who pass me by. There are man in suits everywhere!You see them early on the first morning coffee, you see them on the bike rushing to the job.You see young men in suits, you see elderly gentleman just picking up few groceries for his wife or meeting with friends on saturday morning just to chat.No matter where they are going or what or they going to do during the day, they always dress like they're going somewhere special. Without exaggeration of course. It's like front row at fashion show. And all italians or so very friendly and charming.
Italy always put's me in a good mood already in the morning.When I drink my energy/natural orange juice I'm off to the stores.
And let the shopping begin!

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