Grab your coat, and get your hat.Leave your worry on the doorstep,just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street.


I must admit that for few years now, I have been totally obsessed with hats!Here where I live we don't  have many events (or none for that matter) at which me and my hat could attend.Just so we are clear, I am talking about that BIG (ok or small), but definitely fashionable,different hat.
You know, that kind of hats that British princess, or so-called "royal-blooded" ladies wear at gala events, or to horse races and other important and lady like events.
Hats have been such a good women's and men's accessory for years before I was born.In the past, the hats did actually indicate the social position of the person who wore the certian model of a hat.Now days it's kinda the same right?
I mean "normal" people usually just buy a hat because of the sun or something like that, but only a few people wear it as an fashion accessory:
Let's start wearing hats people! ;)

Here are my favourites:

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  1. The caption of the article really got my attention! It was so cute! Also, damn these hats! so so classy! wish i could rock one

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