Are you a morning person such as myself?
Sure,I have days when I won't get out of bed for anything in the world!But those days are normaly mornings after a wild night out with my friendsBut beside those days I just love to get up to start a new day.New day = new opportunities,new stylings!Adores.
My morning goes kinda like this:

  1. I get up,
  2. check text's and emails on my blackberry,
  3. then I use the loo and brush my teeth,
  4. next is staring at myself in the mirror,then staring at the closet,
  5. ..still not sure what to wear, so I first do my make-up&my hair,
  6. then I get dressed,
  7. prepare my bag (which includes all necessary things I'll be needing until I get back home), put my ballerinas on, last check from the front and back in the mirror and off I go start my day!
And no, I usually don't have breakfast.But I admit I am trying,it's just hard to fit food into my busy morning. ;)

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1 komentarji

  1. Oo, kak fajn! Jaz si ful želim bit jutranja oseba, ampak mi ne uspeva :\

    Sem te dodala v blogroll (:

    Mir in ljubezen!