Back to navy


I'm soooo happy that NAVY IS BACK this season!!The feeling when I hear the word "navy"..ohh undescribable.My first thought jumps straight on the gorgeous long white boat which is anchored near the long sandy beach where in the night we light fire and just sit around it, listen to the sounds of guitar playing.
Just the symbols of all navy stuff involved in fashion clothes gives you the sense of freedom, sunshine and sees.The sense of complete nirvana.We all know the feeling when the summer is getting closer, right?We all think of good times, summer love&rest..Well when we bring out all the navy clothes to the forefront of our closet we know that the summer is here!

Navy is the summer.Summer is navy.
And we all love it.
Blue stripes, red stripes, gold buttons, all kinds of lines, frillery, Ralph Lauren,..BLUE!Beautiful deep blue color is my favorite feature of this style.
I know exactly which two pieces I will put together on my next lunch date with my friends or just for a walk across the city.HOT pink skirt & blue/white striped shirt.I never in my life thought I'll combinate those too.But that is the whole point of fashion, surprises never end!

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